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Fruitland American Meat
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Fruitland American Meat


Fruitland American Meat, LLC is a small slaughter and processing facility located in Fruitland, Missouri, just north of Cape Girardeau. It has been in operation for 25 years serving local producers in its USDA inspected facility. We process approximately 175-200 head of beef per week and employ approximately 45 people. March of 2006 this facility obtained its organic certification. It specializes in processing grass-fed, organic and natural cattle. It also harvests and processes hogs, lamb, goats, bison, and elk. Catering to the needs of the custom producer by private labeling and vacuum-sealed packaging Fruitland American Meat, LLC serves as a vital link in the farm-to-table marketing efforts of local and regional family farms.

All animals are produced locally and raised on the open pastures of small farms. The animals are individually cared for by farmers who monitor their small herds closely. These farmers are able to identify each animal, not only by tag number but also by sight and first hand knowledge. As a local processing facility we are familiar with all these farmers as well as their farm environments. Knowledge of the farm-environments allow us to track the animal from birth to harvest. Accurate tracking provides a tremendous safety feature that is not found with larger processors. This tracking is followed all the way through the processing and allows for confident identification of the finished product. In the industrial production of beef, animals are often traded through many different owners or operations from birth to feedlot and the trail of identification is difficult if not impossible.

Every animal that we slaughter is also processed in the same plant. This is a confidence and safety issue for our consumers. The larger slaughter facilities who handle over 400 head / hour, 24 hours / day have animals that arrive in large shipments from all over the country and even outside the US. The slaughter and processing in these operations are not usually handled in the same plant. Very often the meat is transferred to three or four different fabrication plants greatly increasing the risk of contamination before it reaches the store to be purchased by the consumer. During this process of transferring the meat is mixed together in large bens with no way of identifying the final product which may contain the meat of dozens of different animals. In industrial meat production the animals come from all over the country, change hands numerous times before slaughter, the beef is transferred many times in the fabricating process and there is no way for the consumer to know the origin of the meat they are purchasing.
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