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Know Your Meat Source
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Know Your Meat Source

Many people are discovering a better red meat alternative in grass fed beef. Their motivation to switch to grass fed beef has to do with a healthier food, a more humane way of raising animals and a desire for a cleaner, safer food.

Health authorities now recognize that not only “You are what you eat”, but “You are what you eat EATS.” The way an animal is raised and what it is fed makes a huge difference in the quality of the meat produced.

A decade ago consumers were satisfied with beef found in stores as long as it was USDA inspected and reasonably priced. That innocent bubble burst in the nineties with outbreaks of the deadly E.Coli and Mad Cow Disease linked to meat consumption.

No longer complacent about the practices of the gigantic “factory farms” and feedlots the livestock industry came under scrutiny. Feeding animal by-products, hormones, low level antibiotics, and chemicals to speed gain came into question.

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