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Meat Comparison
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Meat Comparison




Organic processing USDA inspection

USDA inspection

Locally raised on family farms.
Sustainable agriculture practices.Traceable livestock

Factory farms.
Environmentally harsh and resource
Depleting methods.
State and country of origin unknown.

Meat marketed direct from the farm
to the consumer by relationship building.
We buy and sell locally so it has to be good
Because our customers are our friends,
family and neighbors

Meat travels through many hands and ownership.Produced, processed and distributed by the unknown to the unknown.

Humane animal treatment, raised on pasture.

Inhumane animal treatment in feedlot confinement.

Professional, experienced (many 25+ years),
skilled butchers who take pride in the craft
learned from their fathers and grandfathers. Custom cut and packaged for the individual
Unskilled laborers (100% turnover rate) using machine processing.
Custom processing of your own beef or pork.
Bring us the animal or buy one from us.
Private labeling and label design capable.
Machine cuts where one way must fit all.
Animals individually processed (4 / hr.)
Increasing the quality and safety of the meat.
Healthier, safer

Hi speed, assembly-line processing (400+/hr.) allowing for reckless mistakes.

Fresh Usually frozen
Dry Aging of meat Wet aging of meat
Grass-fed beef and organic beef
Healthy, high in omega-3 grass fed beef available
Custom processing to your specifications.
Vacuum sealed packaging available.
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