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Natural Organic Meats
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Natural Organic Meats

More and more American today are increasingly aware of the nutritional quality and safety of the food we eat. Growing numbers of consumers are seeking natural, organic and grass-fed meat options in efforts to eat healthier and safer.

Mark and Dr. Patricia Whisnant, owners of Fruitland American Meat, raise grass-fed beef and came to the processing plant originally to process and private label their own beef. Fully aware of the market for grass-fed, organic and natural meat has caused them to focus on being a primary source for these products in the area and region.

Currently this beef is processed at the facility in Jackson and delivered to St. Louis, shipped all over the country and available locally in the retail store at Fruitland American Meat.

In consideration of the customers who seek out meat with these organic, grass-fed and natural attributes the small retail facility at the plant carries a supply of organic food products.

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