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Skilled Butchers
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Skilled Butchers


Our skilled staff of butchers is what sets Fruitland American Meat apart from other similar processing. Showing a cumulative experience of 120+ years they have experience and a great deal of pride in what they do.

Many of these butchers learned the art and trade from their fathers and grandfathers and have immense knowledge, skill and care about cutting meat.

Our butchers see to it that our meat case in the retail store contains the very finest beef available in the area. Consumers who determine to make the trip from Cape or St. Louis find it well worth the effort. The quality is unsurpassed and the prices reasonable.

Our butchers are determined to accommodate the desires and needs of all our customers. Whether the customer is a 5-star chef from St. Louis who comes to the facility to discuss his particular cuts of beef or the neighborhood housewife wanting to feed her family they bring care and skill into the discussion.

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